Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

All around the western world Governments are downsizing their standing Armies. In the UK, which is currently fighting 3 wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, the plan is to reduce the Army by 17,000 troops. Officially they will be replaced by a "more deployable" reservist force of accountants, managers and other corporate workers, part time soldiers. Unofficially they will be replaced by drone killing machines and Mercenaries!

Did you know that there are now more 'Private Contractors' in Afghanistan than regular US soldiers? Given there are over 100,000 troops that is an awful lot of mercenaries. The West is in the process of 'outsourcing' it's fighting forces and in the US, as always, they are also in the process of civilianising their Military or at least removing the line between the two. Its not just the heads of the CIA and US Military forces that are swapping jobs, there are now thousands of CIA operatives and State Department 'civilians' deployed around the world in our multiple Theaters of War.

Meanwhile those 'savings' made by telling serving soldiers, many just back from War, that they are losing their jobs will be increasingly pumped into new Drones, UAV's, RFID chips and other technologies of Net Centric Warfare (or Network Enabled Capability as it is known in the UK and NZ). The same announcement of job losses in the UK Army was accompanied by more talk of beefing up our CyberWarfare capability!

That means lots more fresh faced kids straight out of school and many years of PlayStation and XBox training will be heading to the Cyber-warfare Training Facilities and ending up piloting drone killing machines from thousands of miles away as they kill real people in the real world.

The Echalon of UKCANZAUS (That's UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States) will continue to police the globe and carry out remote assasinations and capture/kill missions wereever and whenever it feels like it on this blue planet of ours. Empire gone mad? Terminator come true? The Military-Industrial-Media Complex running amok?

Meanwhile the US and Europe threaten to default on their massive debts, created mainly by their expensive Wars, and Financial Armageddon is just around the corner.

What a weird and surreal world we live in.

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