Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Genesis of Tom's Mog

Welcome to Tom's Mog, my regular Blog. I have been inspired to start blogging by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge and Michel Bauwens of the p2p Foundation, both prolific bloggers, and great people who I have had the privelage of doing courses with recently. I did promise to finally start blogging, didn't I Michel :-)

Tom's Mog was originally to be a shortening of Toms Mac Blog but then I thought blogging about Macs was a pretty narrow field to set myself. But I have been a Mac User for 24 years and I am a CIO, so expect some tech stuff and discussions about Apple.

This blog will likley range across my areas of passionate interest - knowledge and sense making, community, collaboration and peer to peer networks, surviellance, privacy and the digital person.

So the other view of Toms Mog is a reflection of Schrödinger's Cat - if my blog is not viewed does it mean it exists or not, is it alive or dead? We'll see!'s_Cat

The final reason for the name Tom's Mog is a play on those ubiquitous cute pussycat images used by both Mac OS X and Windows Vista as login pictures... don't get me started on who copied who!
... are we all really just cute pussycat users in this global digital grid called the world wide web?
... and just who or what is the Spider?

Stay tuned for answers to those questions and the asking of many more!